Obedience Training
Dogs sitting and staying At Heritage Canine, we believe that every dog should be trained in order to strengthen their relationship with their owner. Our primary goal is to design a training program that focuses on what is important to you. Our techniques are fair, simple, and consistent; a combination that is easy for your dog to understand. This takes the stress of training away and involves you seeing results faster. Even more importantly, we give you the tools to make obedience a way of life.

There are various training programs which are designed to teach dogs and owners at different levels from basic manners to addressing more complicated behaviors. In order for the programs to be successful, it is imperative for owner(s) to work at home to change patterns and behaviors as instructed by the trainer. Your willingness to incorporate the obedience commands into everyday life, as instructed by your trainer, is vital for success. The time and energy you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish.

Once you begin training with Heritage Canine, you become part of the family and we offer many opportunities to continue and expand on your dog's new found obedience. Group distraction lessons, completing the requirements for the AKC Good Citizen Test, in home lessons and lessons at various locations all offer a way to further your training experience. Whether you know it or not, you are training your dog every day. Let Heritage Canine show you how to do it the right way! Free Evaluation
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