Puppy Preschool
You start training your puppy the moment you bring him home! Prevention is one key ingredient in raising a puppy to be your “dream dog”; however unintentional training can lead to undesirable behavior problems.Puppies playing Approximately 5 million pets are euthanized in the United States yearly, mostly due to owners who got off to a bad start with their new pet. Our puppy preschool is designed to teach new owners how to better understand their puppy’s needs, establish key communication, proper socialization, and to stay away from any future behavioral issues.

One of the biggest things in developing a happy, confident, well-rounded, and obedient dog is to first focus on developing proper social skills. Puppies between the ages of 7 to 16 weeks are similar to little “sponges” that absorb everything around them. Experiences with them at this age will shape and mold how the puppy may perceive things the rest of their life. It is very important as a puppy owner you know how to handle interactions between you, new people, objects, and the environment at this stage with your new puppy.
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