Dan and Jen's DogWe’ve worked with Carrie to train our last 3 dogs and they’ve all loved her. Just as importantly, my wife and I have loved how well trained each of our dogs were after they trained with her. Carrie’s enthusiasm, positive reinforcement, extensive experience, and in our case patience, produces a fun learning experience that has challenged and enriched the lives of each of our dogs. We feel very fortunate to have found her. In her we’ve found someone who cares about and loves our dogs as much as we do.

-Dan & Jen
Gahanna, OH

Dog laying down

Working with Carrie has helped Wyatt and I tremendously. Wyatt is now such a well mannered boy since working with her. She really knows what she is doing.

Baltimore, OH

Carrie is the best dog trainer and we highly recommend her. She trained our two Belgian Malinois. Both dogs are from solid working lines so they are a handful because of their drive. Their obedience is amazing, but more than training them, Carrie trained my husband and me to be the best possible handlers. Because of Carries training, Tasha (our 3 year old) is now a Certified Registered Therapy dog, working in the local elementary school with autistic kids, and kids with physical and cognitive disabilities. She is amazing with the kids. When I walk the dogs together on a heel command I am frequently stopped and asked if I am a dog trainer...my response...."no, but I know someone who is an exceptional trainer - Carrie Ohlinger!"

-Rick & Debby
Bemus Point, NY

In June 2012, my boyfriend Matt and I went to pick up our long awaited bundle of joy, a black standard poodle puppy, Bjorn. I still remember the day we walked into see Carrie for our consultation, blood shot sleepless eyes with a bratty, spunky puppy chewing on hands and anything else he could find. She calmed us down, gave us advice for the chewing and we followed her advice along with the puppy preschool program. I wanted more obedience as I saw his behavior was improving. Bjorn seemed to love it, too, and he loves Carrie! We sent him to stay with her for a two week residency program when he was around four months old. The residency was very reasonably priced and we got a dog that knew his name, basic commands and the meaning of the word 'No', which with a super smart puppy with crazy energy, was very helpful.

BjornHe enjoys the group classes as well, it's a great chance to socialize him and work his commands with other people and other dogs while under the watchful eye of Carrie. I honestly think that without Carrie we would be lost! Bjorn is well on his way to being an awesome dog. He's got a super sweet, peppy personality and is becoming less and less the bratty eight week old puppy we started with. We are going to continue our work with Carrie and look forward to the future with our big goofball, Bjorn.

Reynoldsburg, OH

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